Sustainability affects us all

In a world increasingly characterized by environmental awareness and sustainability, companies play a crucial role in shaping a better future. We are aware of our responsibility and continuously investing in the expansion of resource-saving and energy-efficient methods and processes in order to provide our customers and partners with products that have been produced according to environmentally compatible criteria and have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Avoid demolition. Renovate!

We are aware of our responsibility that the production of cement- and lime-based building materials is CO2-intensive. We are therefore working to reduce our carbon footprint.

However, our products also create value! By producing building materials, we provide the layers needed to create protective living spaces for people. We protect against heat and against cold. We protect against water. Our products make living space more durable and valuable - for generations.

With our wide range of renovation products, we aim to promote renovation and restoration. We do not believe in demolition, but in the holistic renovation of existing buildings.
Do not replace structures, but extend the life of existing buildings!

Preserving existing buildings for a longer useful life or even increasing their value for future generations is sustainable action in the best sense.

Thermal insulation reduces CO2

One is to build a house, the other is to live in it. Housing accounts for 15% of CO2 emissions.

To make the operation of houses less CO2 intensive, we actively promote thermal insulation of buildings. 

With certified external thermal insluation systems, Cemix offers a very effective lever to fight the climate crises.

Cemix Croatia installs new photovoltaic system
A step towards a more sustainable future

In an important step towards sustainability and environmental awareness, Cemix Croatia has commissioned a new photovoltaic system with a capacity of 180.00 KVA (peak) AC / 208.69 kW DC on the roof of its plant in Đurđevac. The solar power plant with 509 modules makes it possible to cover a quarter of the energy requirements with self-generated renewable energy. 
With this initiative, Cemix Croatia aims to raise environmental awareness within and outside the company walls and make a valuable contribution to climate protection by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.
By using solar energy, Cemix Croatia shows that economic success and ecological responsibility can go hand in hand.

Cemix invests in recyclability
Why PE packaging?

Applying waste hierarchy thinking, we must recognize that dry-mix requires packaging to transport and to protect the containment. Preventing packaging is not possible for dry-mix, with the exception of construction silos, which we actively offer.

Minimize, reuse and recycle are the next best steps in the waste hierarchy. And that is what we are doing!

But first, we need to dispel an old myth: Traditional "construction paper bags" are not just made of paper - they contain a PE film between the paper layers. This mix of materials makes recycling impossible! Traditional "paper bags" are at the very bottom of the waste hierarchy: They are waste for disposal.

By investing in PE packaging, we make recycling possible. But not only that:

Our PE bags contain up to 50% recycled material. And after use, they are again 100% recyclable.  

Our products in dense PE bags have twice the shelf life of comparable "paper" bags. When the material in "paper" bags is hard and inedible, the products in PE bags are still good. So, we minimize waste from expired products.

Products in dense PE bags are also better protected from moisture. If a traditional "paper" bag gets caught in the rain, which often happens on construction sites, it becomes useless. Cemix products in PE bags minimize material loss and waste of resources.

Cemix PE bags have the thinnest PE film currently technically possible without neglecting their task: To protect the material so that it arrives at the construction site in 100% quality. 

And finally, before you buy garbage bags, reuse our PE bags.