building CAREERS together

Welcome to the world of Cemix, one of Central Europe's leading building materials companies.
The heart of Cemix is us, the employees. As an international team with different talents, cultures and backgrounds, we enrich our work with diverse perspectives. In this way, global collaboration inspires us to grow and innovate. Working as a team to overcome challenges, deliver results and lead projects to success is what sets us apart: Cohesion and determination.
The driving force behind our success is our motivation to keep pushing forward. We recognize that the opportunity to network and empower individuals creates the environment in which positive change can occur.

As a result, we at Cemix operate in a largely decentralized manner to ensure customer proximity and rapid decision-making. This is a key cornerstone of our success.
In doing so, our core values of the Cemix brand give us the necessary orientation. We live by guiding principles that influence the actions and decisions of every employee.

As a company, we are aware of the impact we have on our environment and rise to the challenge. It is not just about constructing buildings, but creating a better future.
We are happy to share responsibility and integrate sustainability into every step we take. We, the employees are motivated to contribute to a more sustainable world.

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